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The strength of our freedom will be measured by our power to determine the conditions of our labor.

Autoworkers Under the Gun

A Shop-Floor View of the End of the American Dream


Haymarket Books

“No one has cut through the hypocrisy

of what capitalism has done to American workers with more passion, wit, and insight than Gregg Shotwell.”   


—Sam Gindin, former research director, Canadian Auto Workers

Fight for all or lose it all


I can understand the fear and trembling union bureaucrats must feel as the guillotine of Right to Work For Less sows and scythes its way across the working class consciousness. If workers aren’t required to pay for services they don’t respect, it’s quite likely deadheads will roll and no one will miss the toll they charged for lip service.

Now that the “Jointness” program—that laundromat where corporate money is washed and rinsed and funneled into UAW officers’ pockets—has been exposed as a scheme to keep UAW negotiators “fat, dumb, and happy”, perhaps there is an opportunity for real union members who live by the code of the old religion, Solidarity, to rise up from the ashes.


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The World is in Their Care. Partisan Press.

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