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Soldiers of Solidarity

SOS Defined 

     SOS is workers exerting power through direct action on the shopfloor and in the union hall. SOS coalesces around actions that empower rank and file members to resist concessions, to control the conditions of our labor, to fight back against the corporate attack on the working class, and throw the yoke of company unionism off our necks. 

    SOS is the voice of the rank and file, a bullhorn for our anger. SOS 

does not want to replace one hierarchy with another hierarchy. We want to dump the hierarchy on its pointed little head. Real unionism springs from the bottom up, it dies from the top down.       

    SOS is marshaled horizontally across the shopfloor and between plants in a network as wide and open as our ranks. SOS isn’t an ideology, it’s concerted activity. 

SOS is a Sign Of Solidarity.   

    A lot of workers are sitting on the fence. When the company breaks the contract there isn’t a fence to sit on. The choice isn’t easy, but it is 

simple — fight or get screwed. 

    The Concession Caucus doesn’t see an alternative to concessions. SOS 

does see an alternative — ACT LIKE A UNION. Take a Stand On Solidarity. 

Local 23 sends International UAW Packing!

The International Union called a Special Meeting illegally and behind the local member's backs to present a concessionary contract the membership had voted to NOT NEGOTIATE! Here is how a proud UAW local makes sure their voices are heard when the International tries to ram things down their throats, against their will.

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